Preserving Biodiversity And Protecting Wildlife: Inside Nature First’s Integrated Approach

30 November 2023

Nature FIRST hosted an online session where project members delved into a specific case study focusing on bears, to provide participants with a deeper and more technical understanding of the tools and methodologies employed in the Nature FIRST project.

This online demo was tailored for individuals involved or interested in biodiversity and wildlife conservation, environmental protection, and natural area management. 

Throughout the one-hour session, the following topics were covered:

  1. Advanced Monitoring Tools: A comprehensive overview was presented of the cutting-edge monitoring tools and technologies at the core of the Nature FIRST project, explaining the technical functionalities and capabilities of these tools and how they are advancing conservation efforts.

  2. The Bear Case Study: The practical application of tools and techniques in the context of bear conservation was illustrated through this real-world case study, demonstrating how these tools are deployed to ensure the welfare of bear populations.

  3. Forensic Aspects: The session delved into the critical domain of forensics and its intrinsic connection to addressing and combating poaching, discussing the technical aspects of forensic methodologies and their role in the success of the project.

By the end of the session, participants gained an understanding of the multifaceted strategies and resources available in the ongoing battle to protect the planet's most vulnerable wildlife.