MAMBO's sister project: Nature FIRST

4 April 2023

Nature FIRST is MAMBO's sister project from Horizon Europe's call on Research and Innovation. It aims to reduce the deterioration of biodiversity on a global scale, particularly in Europe. To achieve this objective, the project adopts a proactive and data-oriented approach so as to achieve an increased understanding of the factors that contribute to the decline of biodiversity, including the what, how, where, and when. Nature FIRST's objective is to enable data-driven ecosystem monitoring to assess the effectiveness of restoration and intervention measures.

The project plans to combine theoretical principles from the fields of ecology and environmental forensics with empirical environmental observations obtained from both satellite-based and on-site methods. This fusion will enable the development of predictive, proactive, and preventative capabilities for individuals involved in nature conservation.

As a first step to facilitating a multilateral dialogue among European scientists and policymakers, Nature FIRST is organising an online session titled "Info and Demo of Solutions for Biodiversity Monitoring" where it will showcase the project's achievements, solutions, and technologies for biodiversity preservation. The goal is to gather feedback from key stakeholders in the field of biodiversity monitoring.

Date: 26 April 2023

Time: 14:00-15:00 CET

Location: Online

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