MAMBO at the the third Empowering Biodiversity Research conference

10 April 2024

In late March, the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden hosted the third Empowering Biodiversity Research (EBR III)) conference. This two-day event aimed to leverage biodiversity data to shape policy decisions. Participants delved into biodiversity data standards and tools and discussed the latest developments in Biodiversity Informatics on both global and local levels.

Representatives from the MAMBO project attended the conference. They showcased the objectives and recent progress of the MAMBO project to the Biodiversity Informatics community, while also seeking collaboration opportunities with fellow researchers and stakeholders. During the conference, three representatives from the Mambo Project delivered insightful presentations on diverse topics. 

France Gerard from the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology presented on the utilization of remotely sensed point clouds to assess habitat condition metrics, drawing from MAMBO trials.

Vincent Kalkman from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center discussed the application of image and sound recognition for citizen scientists, addressing current taxonomic and geographic coverage. Additionally, the project coordinator Toke T.Hoye gave a presentation focused on the digital counting of insects using insect cameras, showcasing innovative methods for insect population monitoring.