MAMBO launches a survey on biodiversity and habitat monitoring needs

4 July 2023

The new MAMBO survey is examining experts’ take on biodiversity and habitat monitoring needs.

Our dedicated team will be developing and implementing advanced tools and technologies over the next three years to improve the monitoring of species and habitats with knowledge gaps. If you want to explore further details about MAMBO, read more here.

The survey, conducted by one of our partners - The University of Reading, aims to shape our project deliverables according to stakeholder needs. We are specifically seeking insights from individuals actively involved in species and/or habitat monitoring.

Your participation in the survey can make a significant impact. We will begin by understanding the specific type of monitoring you perform and the underlying motivations behind your data collection efforts. Additionally, we are keen to explore your experiences with emerging technologies and tools, as well as any obstacles you face in adopting these innovative approaches.

Join us in co-designing innovative monitoring tech by sharing your knowledge and insights on biodiversity monitoring. Your input will help us develop solutions that bridge knowledge gaps and drive progress in the field.

With its broad scope, the survey welcomes contributions from anyone actively involved in monitoring species or habitats. You have the opportunity to participate until August 1, 2023.