MAMBO launches a project collection in RIO Journal and releases first publication

7 December 2023

MAMBO is pleased to announce a significant development part of its communication and dissemination strategy -  the launch of a collection in the open-access scientific journal, Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO). This initiative is a crucial part of our dedication to transparent and collaborative research practices.

The RIO journal distinguishes itself by publishing a comprehensive range of research outputs, including project proposals, data, methods, workflows, software, project reports, and research articles on a unified collaborative platform. Notably, the journal employs a transparent, open, and public peer-review process, covering diverse academic domains such as science, technology, humanities, and the social sciences.

The new collection in RIO serves as a repository for MAMBO's significant findings and outcomes, offering a foundational resource for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The initial paper in the collection is the project's grant proposal, providing insights into its origins and objectives.

As the MAMBO project progresses, the RIO Collection is expected to grow, evolving into a valuable resource for the global research community.

You can access MAMBO's collection here and to read MAMBO's grant proposal follow this link.