BioAgora organised a webinar, titled "Connecting Biodiversity Knowledge & Decision-Making"

2 May 2024

The virtual BioAgora Information event, titled “Connecting Biodiversity Knowledge & Decision-Making,” was held on 16 April 2024. The main goal of the event was to enhance dialogue between research and policy-making within the EU. Over 150 participants attended, including EC policy-makers and representatives from more than 70 EU-funded projects.

The webinar aimed to engage and empower leaders from Horizon Europe projects, facilitating a discussion on the BioAgora project's critical objectives. It underscored the importance of the future Science Service for Biodiversity, a key initiative within the EU Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity. Participants were introduced to various ways in which projects can collaborate with BioAgora.

An interactive session emphasized the evolving efforts to bridge biodiversity research and policy. Participants concluded that integrating biodiversity knowledge into decision-making is an ongoing, collaborative effort requiring commitment from various EU stakeholders.

To gain more insights, watch the whole webinar here: